In 2009, we started out as a 10-bed, medium-intensity program for women and have evolved into a 22-bed, high-intensity facility with a focus on trauma treatment.

We know that often times our clients have been in what many refer to as a “revolving door” with chemical dependency and mental health services. In order to help, we need to address core issues and root causes. We empower clients to be self-sufficient and make their own healthy decisions.

We are flexible and will continue to evolve based on community and client needs. We see the importance of combining chemical dependency and mental health services and want to be part of the solution. We are constantly researching and educating ourselves to achieve the best possible outcomes for those we serve.



  • The Pioneer Recovery Center staff believes that within themselves, each client has the potential that is necessary for change.
  • First, foremost and always, patients will be treated with respect, dignity and understanding.
  • We teach and promote patient accountability, responsibility and honesty.
  • We apply defined and readily identifiable clinical consistency in all aspects of our treatment methods.
  • We will respect and treat our patients as individuals and refrain from any categorical classifications, assumptions or actions.
  • We provide patient-focused treatment, respecting the choices, concerns and individual needs and expectations of the client.
  • Patients experiencing co-occurring addiction and psychiatric disorders are the expectation, not the exception.
  • We understand and accept the complexity of dysfunction and pain inherent in patients who struggle with multiple disorders and do not place unrealistic expectations on them—or ourselves—for rapid progression in treatment. We maintain sensitivity to patient needs and respond to them professionally, effectively and efficiently.