Visiting Rules

*All visitors must be pre-approved by the client’s counselor prior to visitation.

*Visitors must have picture ID to enter and must be pre-approved and during visiting hours, visitors are not allowed to re-enter the building if they leave.

* Visitors are to enter through the front, right-side entrance for visitation and check in with staff. All packages/bags/parcels/etc must be dropped off with staff. Visitors are asked to leave all other personal belongings not intended for clients off the premises (purses, backpacks, etc).

* No use of cell phones, cameras, or computers while on the premises.

* Children under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

* All visitation is to be held in the meeting room, conference room, or the back yard/smoking patio area. The parking lot and sides of the building are off limits. NO visitors are allowed in any client bedrooms or in the client hallway for any reason. Goodbyes are to be done in designated areas; clients are not allowed to walk visitors to their vehicles. Doors are not to be propped open.

* Pets are allowed in the back yard ONLY (not inside the building) and should not be left to roam around the premises. Please clean up after pets.


New Client Information

Pioneer Recovery Center has 11 client bedrooms which house 2 clients per room, 3 bathrooms, 3 showers, a commercial kitchen, a large office wing, a nursing office, a conference room, and a dining/meeting room. We are located off Highway 33 North in Cloquet, MN, just a couple minutes north of the hospital.

Clients should bring all necessary living items to treatment with them. This includes: clothing, medications, personal hygiene products, snacks/beverages, cigarettes/lighters, reading materials, paper/pens/pencils, envelopes/stamps, and personal music devices. We do not allow anyone to take photographs or videos at our facility and clients are not allowed to use personal computers. Although bedding is provided, clients are welcome to bring their own pillows/blankets.

Please bring your insurance cards, primary physician’s contact information, and any phone numbers/addresses you may need while in treatment. Clients are also responsible for providing payment for any co-pays that may result from getting medications; PRC does not cover these costs.

Cells phones are not allowed, and will be locked up during your stay with us. Clients are allowed to make phones calls in the evenings with facility phones.

Smoking is allowed in designated area only and cigarette butts are to be properly disposed of.

Because we respect our client’s cultural diversity, we allow Sage burning outside the facility, but not indoors because of fire hazard.

If family members would like to drop off things for clients, we ask that they call ahead of time and make arrangements with the client’s counselor. When you arrive, please enter through the door on the left side and drop off items at the desk with the Administrative Assistant or another staff member.

Due to the high-intensity nature of our treatment center, clients are not able to make or receive phone calls at all times of the day. Our Nursing line is only to be used if there is an emergency where a family member must get a message to a client, you will not be able to talk to the client at this time, but the message will be relayed. ALL personal calls should wait until the client calls.